Chapter 1

section B 1-2 & 1-3
section B 1-4
section B 1-5
section B 1-6
section A 1-7

section B 1-7

section H 1-7

Math 2 Lesson 1-2
Math 2 Lesson 1-3
Math 2 Lesson 1-4
Math 2 Lesson 1-5
Math 2 Lesson 1-6
Math 2 Lesson 1-7

Math 2 Lesson 1-7 solutions

To prepare for Test 1:
Do the Chapter Review questions 1-35 on pages 58 through 61, and watch each of the videos at the Chapter 1 Virtual Nerd™ Video Tutorial link. Remember, you can use your phone to access those videos by holding your camera over the QR code at the beginning of each section in your text. You should also use the interactive links for each section as you work through the problems in your workbook. You only need to know the definitions, postulates, and theorems that are in Chapter 1.

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