dear philip glass,

Dear Philip,
Hey, can you make me some brunch music? You know, some light music for people to clink glasses to and slice their asperagus and stuff like that. Well, I was thinking about how Debussy made a piece called “Doctor Possom” or something like that with mostly white notes in it, and I remembered it sure was cool, the way it just was so easy to play but sounding like it was hard to play. But it wasn’t COMPLETELY white notes. It had some black notes in it too, and that was a bummer. No, I’ve nothing against black notes. I’m just a little bit lazier than the normal person, and those black notes require my fingers to stretch too far. And I’m a purist. An idealist. Will you just make me a piece? A long piece of music that just fills the air unnoticeably, inobtrusively, like quality wallpaper, -it would be a valuable piece… and it might be an interesting exercise to require that it be all white notes, utilizing the different modes and moving the tonal center in some clever way while changing up the melodic figures and arpeggios & crap in some methodical way as well, making them weave and twist like that Debussy, to keep it from getting annoyingly repetitious. What do you think? I don’t have a keyboard here, so I am only thinking about it. What do you think would be a funny way to make the music invisibly cool? Like, the music is nice sounding enough to not be annoying, interesting sounding enough to not be cheezy, but uninteresting enough to fade into the background and be forgotten while it is still happening, like the sound of the air conditioner, but varied enough to not become annoyingly repetitious, -Do you think it is even possible? If anyone can do this, you can sir. Please let me know if you will accept the challenge.
Faithfully your forever fan of your very beautiful repetitive piano jams,
Shelby Bryant

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