>>>> Skills <<<<

  • I have International Baccalaureate¬†(IB) experience in both math and computer science.
  • I can offer Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus teaching, teacher-training, and/or coordinating.
  • I can teach web design and basic programming in JavaScript, HTML, Objective-C, and Java.
  • I am proficient in Blackboard, Moodle, Rubicon Atlas, and Edline software.
  • I am a SMARTboard certified trainer (Vastratech “Teachers 4 Change”) and an expert in SMART and Promethean applications.
  • I have extensive experience working with audio/video recording and production equipment, including such software packages as Adobe Flash, Premier, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Additionally, I have taught Macintosh applications such as Protools, and Final Cut Pro. I can teach animation using Flash and Istopmotion.
  • I can coach math teams for international competitions. I have developed math-training methods that are unique and effective. My students emerge from these programs with advanced problem solving skills, high self-confidence, and a love and respect for the beauty of mathematics.
  • I can teach Spanish.
  • I have experience as an analyst for an environmental chemistry laboratory, and am trained in the procedures and management of a full wet lab, metals lab, and organic lab. In addition, I am trained in OSHA laboratory regulation standards.
  • I compose music.

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