Course Description:

This course is an extension of Algebra II with the emphasis in trigonometry, limits, and introductory calculus topics. All major areas covered in Algebra II are reinforced at a greater depth with additional applications aided by the use of calculators and computers. The course is designed to encompass all those topics necessary to be successful in a college calculus course or as preparation for IB Math HL.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Tests – 50%
  • Quizzes – 30%
  • Homework – 20%

Comments on Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Students are required to organize and maintain all notes, homework, and worksheets in this class in a clearly labeled notebook or binder. Homework assignments must be completed on pages that can be removed from the binder and added back after grading. The notebook will serve as a helpful reference tool if it is properly maintained.
  • The date for unit tests will be announced about 1 week in advance. Quizzes will often be unannounced.


  • Course Textbook
  • TI graphing calculator
  • Notebook/binder with pockets for storing handouts
  • Graph paper and notebook paper
  • Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and other general stationery items

Tentative schedule for unit coverage:

Dates Topics
August 27 – September 21 Functions and Graphs
September 24 – November 2 Polynomial and Rational Functions
November 5 – December 7 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
December 10 – January 18 Trigonometric Functions
January 21 – February 22 Analytic Trigonometry
February 25 – March 29 Applications of Trig
April 1 – May 7 Polar Coordinates; Vectors
May 8 – May 28 Analytic Geometry
May 29 – June 12 Systems of Equations and Inequalities

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