Dear Students,

Fun day today. The balloons were a little crazy, but fun.

Now we have explored a variety of functions and relations. You are familiar with linear, absolute value, quadratic, rational, and radical functions. You also are familiar with circles and semicircles. Make sure you know standard form and general form for circles, just in case you have a POP QUIZ next class. A POP QUIZ. About circles, semicircles, and other relations/functions… Just in case you might have such a quiz, be ready.

Remember: When you are trying to determine the domain of a function, first consider values of x that might cause a zero in a denominator or a negative radicand. Those values need to be excluded.

For next class, please complete the practice problems:

domain and range practice

Also, there will be a requiz for the background material (A,B,C,&D) on Monday, Sept 9, 3:45-4:00.

Mr. Bryant


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