the elastic ego

Keep your ego small while soaking up the details of a problem… you can be a better listener when you are not spending all your time waiting to blurt out your own ideas. Small (not punyego is a more perceptive state. …But when it is time to sort through the perceived info, and assimilate it, you need to stretch the ego back to the middle, and have conversations with yourself… ones that are fair. Then, when it is time to share and implement the solution, you must puff up the ego, and be forceful and confident, in order to deliver decisively and gracefully. The elastic ego.

I have to edit a bit here- “puffing up” the ego sounds wrong. Think of it is pulling yourself together. Allocating resources and gathering up your forces. Focusing all of your mental faculties on the present goal. Once fully prepared, proceed with confidence and purpose.

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