Alg I

Course Description:

This course is designed for students who have mastered arithmetic and basic mathematics skills along with the concepts of Pre-Algebra. Topics covered in this course include properties of algebraic expressions, linear equations, systems of equations and inequalities, exponential expressions, polynomials and rational expressions, and the graphing of linear, quadratic, exponential, radical, and rational functions. Solving word problems using a variety of methods is an integral part of the course. Algebra I emphasizes problem solving as well as oral and written communication and reasoning skills. Extensive use is made of Texas Instruments TI-83/84 graphing calculators.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Tests – 50%
  • Quizzes – 30%
  • Homework – 20%

Comments on Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Students are required to organize and maintain all notes, homework, and worksheets in this class in a clearly labeled notebook or binder. Homework assignments must be completed on pages that can be removed from the binder and added back after grading. The notebook will serve as a helpful reference tool if it is properly maintained.
  • The date for unit tests will be announced about 1 week in advance. Quizzes will sometimes be unannounced.


  • Course Textbook: Algebra 1 (McDougel Littell)
  • Laptop or tablet computer
  • TI graphing calculator
  • Notebook/binder with pockets for storing handouts
  • Graph paper and notebook paper
  • Pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and other general stationery items

Tentative schedule for unit coverage:

Dates Topics
August 27 – September 18 Connections to Algebra
September 19 – October 10 Properties of Real Numbers
October 13 – October 31 Solving Linear Equations
November 3 – November 21 Graphing Linear Equations and Functions
November 24 – December 12 Writing Linear Equations
December 15 – January 16 Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities
January 19 – February 6 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
February 9 – February 27 Exponents and Exponential Functions
March 2 – March 20 Quadratic Equations and Functions
March 23 – April 17 Polynomials and Factoring
April 20 – May 8 Rational Equations and Functions
May 11 – May 29 Radicals and Connections to Geometry
May 29 – June 12 Examinations


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