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Chapter 1

Posted on: July 30th, 2018 by Shelby Bryant


Posted on: October 9th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Good practice today!

Here are the notes:

(Click image to ZOOM in)







Please come by if you need help before Friday.

Study well!

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: October 3rd, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Today was fun, working out the induction proof. Flemy had a great inspiration, and it ended up being the right way for us to go on that one.

For next time, please look over the packet on the Binomial Theorem, and watch these videos:–part-1–part-2–part-3

As you are watching, write down what he writes. If you have to pause the video and rewind, do it!

Finally, you have some proofs to do for practice. It is the packet that says PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE…. Here is a link, in case you need it:



Mr. Bryant


Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

We have already learned how to approach sequences and series, and we have practiced some problems. In todays’ class we learned how to use mathematical induction. We also reviewed permutations and combinations. We will finish the unit next class with an exploration of the binomial theorem, followed with a Q/A session and practice.

You will be required to do lots of practice, beginning with this set of proofs:


Here is a Unit 2 review:

Unit 2 – Notes

We will spend the next 2 class periods practicing, and then we will test over these topics on Wednesday, October 9.

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 25th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Today we finished some essential practice with sequences and series. Next we will practice some proofs by mathematical induction and some counting problems (permutations and combinations). I want for you to send me your scores (as percentages) on the practice from today. Also, for next class, complete 1J and 1K.


Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

You did well today. Our “pop” quiz actually did seem to be a surprise. It appears that we need to develop more speed in finding solutions. The memorization of some formulas is necessary in order to be quick with them.

You have Khan Academy practice modules to complete before Wednesday:

Also, here are the answers for your last night’s homework:


Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Today was a fun class! We began Sequences and Series. Remember, for Monday you have the packet problems A-H. Please complete the entire packet. In order to do this, I advise that you break it into about 30 minutes per day.

On Monday, you might have a “POP” quiz to determine whether or not you have completed this practice.

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

You have done excellent work today!  I was impressed by the different methods you used to build your functions.

Today we practiced building some functions in our graphers, and then using the graphs to determine maximum value. We also explored how domain and range can make a difference in solving a problem. By considering the domain and range, we are able to narrow the scope of our search for a solution. We used the possible x-values to set our X-min and X-max, and we used our possible y-values to set the Y-max and Y-min. This enabled us to see where the solution could be found.

On Friday’s test you will have some problems that will require graphical analysis and algebraic techniques. You can expect some composite function and inverse function questions. You can also expect to have a problem in which you will build a function and find its maximum or minimum. Know the various forms of the function types, especially the quadratics. Review intercept form for quadratics (y=p(xq)(xr)) from Algebra II. Also, know your vocabulary, and be able to interpret the potential questions. Look over common formulas for volumes and areas. IF you practice all of the questions I have given you and review your notes and the materials I have provided in these posts, you should be able to pass this first test.

No Math HL test will be easy.

Your class period is 90 minutes. When you take an IB Math HL exam, your time will be limited. You will need to work at a pace of about 1 point per minute. Tomorrow’s test is only a 25 point test, so you can afford to work more slowly (more than 3 minutes per point). Still, be efficient. Scan the problems and find what looks easiest, and do those first. Try to get as many points as possible.

Khan Academy practice with composite functions and inverse functions is recommended:

Other practice is available at that site.


Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 9th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Our Chapter 1 test will be on Friday. We will review a little more on Wednesday. Before then, please read Chapter 1. Also included on this test will be some of the Background Material and some of the material regarding circles, semicircles, and the functions we have explored up to date.

We have a copy of Chapter 1 here:


-And here is some practice:

Chapter 1 Practice

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Today we welcome a new student-  Grace Carter!  🙂

We reviewed some old, sort of familiar functions. We dusted some others off… and we explored graphing, domain and range. Please complete these exercises:

domain and range practice

Also, you must complete this review quiz of background material:

Background Quiz 1

If you would like to submit your solution of the Sam Loyd Cheese Problem, I will post it to the home page. -But you must write neatly.


Mr. Bryant


Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Each of you have brought in some interesting problems, and it was a fun class solving the ones you brought. Also, we reviewed polynomial equations and some of the properties of circles.

Each of you has been assigned to become an expert in one of the special points:
Herman – orthocenter
Flemy – centroid
Priyanka – incenter
Jake – circumcenter

Please come to class with the necessary formulas and tricks to share with the group. It will be beneficial for us to know the properties of these common points as they relate to the coordinate geometry of lines, circles, and triangles.

You also have a practice set on the background material.

Background Quiz 1

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: August 27th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Great work today! You are getting better at showing your procedures when you solve problems. This will help you to gain more Method (M) points in the overall mark scheme.

You seem to have a comfortable knowledge now of linear and quadratic functions, as well as circles and coordinate geometry. Remember for Thursday you are to generate a problem for us to solve. It must involve quadratics, circles, and straight lines. Try to make something elegant and interesting… but make sure it is solvable!

Also, don’t forget about the one we made at the end of class. You must solve this one:

A square and a blue circle are inscribed in a parabola as shown. Find the area of the blue circle.

blue circle

I look forward to the problems you create and the solutions you find!

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

You did excellent work today! It has been a great Week 1!!

We learned the usage of M, (M), A, (A), N,  and C from the IB Mark Scheme. We also reviewed the different forms of linear functions, quadratic functions, and some coordinate geometry.

Here are the problems that are due for next class:


Remember to show all of your work. These problems will be marked using the Mark Scheme.

Mr. Bryant


Posted on: August 21st, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

You did great today. I know we had lots of notes. Here they are:


Tonight you are doing this assignment:


Don’t let the notation intimidate you. Backwards brackets mean that the end value is not included in the interval.

f o g is not something that rolls along the streets of Jack the Ripper’s London… It is just f(g(x)).

You can do this stuff!!


Mr. Bryant



Posted on: August 15th, 2013 by Shelby Bryant

Dear Students,

Welcome!!! Before we begin any mathematics, I want to let you know that each one of you is extremely important to me. My goals are your happiness and your success as students at ISD and as citizens of the world. I believe that we should listen intently to one another and communicate with care, compassion, and genuine interest. Each one of us is unique, and all of us impact each others’ lives. I ask that you help me by seeking to bring out the best in yourself and in each other. In turn, I will be doing my best to help you set and reach your own academic and personal goals. Our group is small, so I can work with you individually when needed. Just let me know when you need help. I’m in room 303, and you have my email.  Now, Let’s do some MATH!

The review exercises from today are available at this link:


There is a large amount of background material that you are responsible for knowing. We will take the first week examining this in detail. Read through the sections in these Background Material files. You will be assigned practice problems from the files attached here.

Background Material



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