Chapter 2

Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Functions

2.1 Solving Equations

2.2 Solving Inequalities

Equations & Inequalities – Formative

2.3 Linear Functions and Slope-Intercept Form

2.4 Families of Functions

2.5 Absolute Value Functions and Graphs

2.6 Two-Variable Inequalities

Graphing Inequalities – Formative Solutions

2-1 through 2-6 – Formative

2-1 through 2-6 – Formative Solutions

2.7 Solving Systems of Equations

2.8 Solving Systems of Inequalities

2-1 through 2-8 Formative

linear programming practice

2.9 Systems With Three Variables

Inequalities & 3D Systems Formative

Inequalities & 3D Systems – Solutions

2.10 Solving Systems Using Matrices

2-7 through 2-10 – Formative

2-7 through 2-10 – Formative Solutions

To prepare for Test 2:
Do the Chapter Review questions on pages 143 through 147, and watch each of the videos at the Chapter 2 Virtual Nerd™ Video Tutorial link. Remember, you can use your phone to access those videos by holding your camera over the QR code at the beginning of each section in your text.




Functions and Their Graphs

Lesson – Functions and Thier Graphs
Practice – Functions and Their Graphs
Exploration – Functions and Their Graphs

Slope and Rate of Change

Lesson – Slope and Rate of Change
Practice – Slope and Rate of Change
Exploration – Slope and Rate of Change

Quick Graphs of Linear Equations

Lesson – Quick Graphs of Linear Equations
Practice – Quick Graphs of Linear Equations
Exploration – Quick Graphs of Linear Equations

Writing Equations of Lines

Lesson – Writing Equations of Lines
Practice – Writing Equations of Lines

Correlation of Best-Fitting Lines

Lesson – Correlation of Best-Fitting Lines
Practice – Correlation of Best-Fitting Lines
Exploration – Correlation of Best-Fitting Lines

Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

Lesson – Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
Practice – Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
Exploration – Linear Inequalities in Two Variables



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