Chapter 3

Quadratic Equations and Functions

3.1 Quadratic Functions and Transformations

HW Due Friday, Sept. 28: On text pages 151-158, do all problems up to #16.

3.2 Standard Form of a Quadratic Function

CW Completed during lesson on Friday, Sept. 28; pp. 160-165

3.3 Factoring Quadratic Expressions

HW Due Tuesday, Oct. 2: Do pages 169-176, all problems up to #23.

This packet→ FACTORING is available for your extra practice.

3.4 Quadratic Equations

HW Due Thursday, Oct. 4: Quadratic Equations by Factor Method

3.5 Completing the Square

QUIZ 3.1-3.5 Tuesday, Oct. 16

3.6 The Quadratic Formula

3.7 Quadratic Systems

3.8 A New Look at Parabolas

3.9 Circles in the Coordinate Plane

Practice 3.6 – 3.9 with Solutions

Unit Test: November 1

Students at this time are expected to know multiplication tables through the 12s and the perfect squares up to 25 squared.

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