Dear Students,

The homework assignment that was due for today proved to be challenging for most. I request that you attempt all problems, even if you are not sure how to proceed. Generally, there will be something about the problem that you can write, even if it is only the given information.

We have learned some important formulas and forms of equations and functions. You need to keep track of these by taking notes during class. It will be expected that you memorize all new formulas and forms of equations and/or functions. These will be applied frequently, and this knowledge should be readily available in your memory.

For Monday you have 6 practice problems. Please show that you have made an honest attempt with each problem.

It might help you to view these links:

For circles:

For semicircles:

From time to time, you will be expected to utilize Internet resources to learn about topics, even if these topics are relatively new. We will then explore these new topics in greater detail during class, and there we will develop strategies for flexible problem-solving.

Mr. Bryant

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