Dear Students,

Welcome!!! Before we begin any mathematics, I want to let you know that each one of you is extremely important to me. My goals are your happiness and your success as students at ISD and as citizens of the world. I believe that we should listen intently to one another and communicate with care, compassion, and genuine interest. Each one of us is unique, and all of us impact each others’ lives. I ask that you help me by seeking to bring out the best in yourself and in each other. In turn, I will be doing my best to help you set and reach your own academic and personal goals. Our group is small, so I can work with you individually when needed. Just let me know when you need help. I’m in room 303, and you have my email.  Now, Let’s do some MATH!

The review exercises from class today are available at this link:


There is a large amount of background material that you are responsible for knowing. We will take the first week examining this in detail. Read through the sections in this Background Material file. You will be assigned practice problems from the file attached here.

Background Material

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